Wednesday, 16 December 2009

What Are the Causes of Social Anxiety?

It is a common misconception that people who experience social anxiety are people who have poorly developed social skills or who have low self-esteem. In fact the causes of social anxiety are rooted in the way in which some people have unconciously learned that social situations are a mortal threat triggering a flight or fight response. This can be marked by shaking, racing heartbeat and sweating.

A typical process for this occuring is that the person experiences a particular symptom - blushing for example. This person becomes aware of this symptom, perhaps exacerbated by someone making a comment about this symptom. When this person is in a similar social position they will be aware of their previous experience and will try not to repeat the symptom, but in fact this only makes it worse and causes that person to become more anxious.

In order to beat social anxiety, you need to understand the process behind it and how these symptoms manifest themselves.

Find out more about the causes of social anxiety and how to beat it.

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