Friday, 18 December 2009

How to Beat Shyness

If you have difficulties in dealing with social situations then the first steps in learning how to beat shyness is to understand that the best strategies are concerned with mental attitude. A first step is to think to yourself that it is OK to experience excessive shyness. The more that you worry about your shyness, the more it will become a problem to you. Think about a particular symptom of shyness, blushing for example. The more aware you are that you are blushing, the worse it will become.

A particular strategy is to think to yourself that you have better things to do than to try and impress people. By decreasing the importance of making the right impression with other people then this quickly ease your shyness as this is often rooted in a fear of making a mistake that would embarrassment and shame.

Try thinking to yourself that any efforts you make to take yourself outside your comfort zone will pay off later. This will help you feel OK with feeling a little uncomfortable now. This supports the efforts you make in overcoming your social anxiety which will inevitably take you outside of your comfort zone.

Focus on success. Think to yourself that you will succeed in beating your shyness no matter what it takes. Developing a sense of certainty of success in your endeavors will encrease you chances of success.

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